Implementation and Resources

Sustaining the excellence of our academic endowment and undertaking new initiatives require an investment in personnel (both key new tenure-­‐track appointments and staff associates), curricular support functions, faculty development, renovated facilities and technological updating, as detailed below.

Recognizing that Haverford’s educational mission must be sustained in a context of limited resources upon which there are many important claims, we have developed approaches to responsible implementation of this plan, emphasizing these goals:

  • Excellence (first-rate teacher-scholars generating research and curricula that are consistently rigorous, current, and evolving)
  • Sustainability (programs that have dedicated faculty presence and leadership)
  • Synergy (coordination of investments that maximize impact for academic aspirations)
  • Collaboration (connections within the curriculum and across institutions)
  • Flexibility (appointments that integrate programs without freezing future options)
  • Holistic Foresight (the gauging of adequate personnel, technologies, facilities, and infrastructure)

We recommend that the following initiatives and areas be highlighted as targets for funding, via both the Capital Campaign and foundation support:

  1. People
  2. Faculty Development
  3. Academic Spaces