The Plan for Haverford 2020 draws from a number of previous studies and plans (the Academic Blueprint, the Campus Master Plan, the Middle State Reaccreditation Self Study) and owes a debt of gratitude to the many faculty, staff, students, and friends who shaped that work. This document has been built around contributions from many standing and ad hoc committees of faculty, staff, and students, the senior staff, the Board of Managers, and the many contributors who have participated in the consultative and iterative processes over the past two years.

Steering Committee

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is charged with oversight of the planning process. It will delegate discrete areas of planning to working groups and has responsibility for guidance, synthesis, and compiling a final draft. The steering committee includes:

  • Kim Benston, Interim Provost
  • Maria Bojorquez-Gomez ’16, Students Council Co-Chair (2014-15)
  • Martha Denney, Dean of the College
  • Claire Dinh ’16, Students Council Co-Chair (2014-15)
  • Phil Drexler ’14, Students Council Co-Chair (2013-14)
  • Richard Freedman, Professor of Music
  • Dan Gordon ’14, at-large student member (2013-14)
  • Jess Lord, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid
  • Jacob Lowy ’14, Students Council Co-Chair (2013-14)
  • Jesse Lytle, Chief of Staff
  • Kim Minor, Staff Association
  • Judy Owen, Professor of Biology
  • Anne Preston, Professor of Economics
  • Joe Spadaro, Chief Information Officer (2013-14)
  • Dan Weiss, President (Chair)

Administrative Advisory Committee
Ingrid Arauco, Fran Blase, Marilyn Boltz, Papa Buckman ’13, Marian Carroll, Mike Casel, Joanne Creighton, Martha Denney, Kim Benston, Rob Fairman, Deb Fullam, Maris Gillette, Brian Guggenheimer ’16, Dawit Habtemarian ‘15, Chelsea Mitchell ’14, Alex Norquist, Elizabeth Romano, Dan Weiss, Dick Wynn.

Academic Spaces Planning Committee (ASPC)
Kim Benston, Marilyn Boltz, Don Campbell, Joanne Creighton, Rob Fairman, Richard Freedman, Maris Gillette, Dave Harrower, Sam Hersh ’15, Lili Hutchison ’15, Jesse Lytle, Laura McGrane, Terry Snyder, Dan Weiss

ASPC Magill Working Group
Laurie Allen, Kim Benston, Joanne Creighton, Rob Fairman, Rich Freedman, Robert Germany, Dave Harrower, Darin Hayton, Sam Hersh ’15, Lili Hutchison ’15, Jacob Lowy ’14, Jesse Lytle, Laura McGrane, Maud McInerney, Norm Medeiros, Alex Molot, Rio Morales ’17, Bethel Saler, David Sedley, Terry Snyder, Jon Sweitzer-Lamme ’14, Dan Weiss,

ASPC Old Gym Working Group
Marcus Baenziger, Kim Benston, Don Campbell, Joanne Creighton, Maris Gillette, Jesse Lytle, Laura McGrane, Terry Snyder, Gus Stadler, Sam Hersh ’15

ASPC Sharpless Working Group
Marilyn Boltz, Don Campbell, Joanne Creighton, Rob Fairman, Stuart Hean ’14, Kate Heston, Ben Le, Jesse Lytle, Lili Hutchison ’15, Christie Quake ’13

ASPC Union Working Group
Ingrid Arauco, Kim Benston, Curt Cacioppo, Adam Crandell, Joanne Creighton, Richard Freedman, Dave Harrower, Sam Hersh ’15, Heidi Jacob, Tom Lloyd, Nancy Merriam, Micah Walter ’14, Matt Walker ’13

Civic Engagement Working Group
Fran Blase (chair), Kelly Cleary, Martha Denney, Kaye Edwards, Cathy Fennell, Alice Lesnick, Tom Lloyd, Jesse Lytle, Steve McGovern, Julie Sheehan, Theresa Tensuan

Ethical Engagement and Leadership Working Group
Ethan Adelman-­Sil ‘16, Kelly Cleary, Ann Figueredo, Anita Isaacs, Ken Koltun-­Fromm, Jim Krippner (Co-­chair), Kayoung Lee ‘16, Jess Lord (Co-­chair), Damon Motz-­Storey ‘16, Jill Stauffer, Dan Weiss, Helen White

Faculty Affairs & Planning Committee
Richard Freedman (chair), Suzanne Amador Kane, Peter Love, Rob Manning, Lisa Jane Graham

Faculty Working Group
Kim Benston, Richard Freedman (Chair), Lisa Jane Graham, Suzanne Amador Kane, Rob Manning, Jill Stauffer

Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Fran Blase, Chris Chandler, Kelly Cleary, Martha Denney, Maris Gillette, Kaye Edwards, Cathy Fennell, Spencer Golden, Alice Lesnick, Tom Lloyd, Jesse Lytle, Donna Mancini, Steve McGovern, Chris Mills, Jenn O’Donnell, Julie Sheehan, Terry Snyder, Theresa Tensuan, Diane Wilder

SEADS Advisory Committee
Kim Benston, Mike Casel, Martha Denney, Spencer Golden, Jess Lord, Jesse Lytle, Dick Wynn, Joe Spadaro

Senior Staff
Kim Benston, Mike Casel, Joanne Creighton, Martha Denney, Steve Fabiani, Ann Figueredo, Spencer Golden, Michael Kiefer, Jess Lord, Jesse Lytle, Chris Mills, Joe Spadaro, Mitchell Wein, Dan Weiss, Dick Wynn

Student Experience Working Group
Maria Bojorquez-­Gomez ’16, Franklyn Cantor, Daniel Gordon ’14 (co‐chair), David Robinson ’14, Theresa Tensuan, Steve Watter (co-chair), Ben Wohl ’14

Task Force on Academic Enrichment
Kim Benston, Fran Blase, Craig Borowiak, Joanne Creighton, Cristina Fuller, Shizhe Huang, Richard Freedman, Jesse Lytle, Raji Mohan, Judith Owen, Anne Preston, Joshua Sabloff, Paul Smith

Technology Working Group
John Castrege, Adam Crandell, Darin Hayton, James Keane, Ava Janina Lichauco ‘16, Josh Schrier, Elliott Schwartz ‘14, Joe Spadaro (chair), Beth Willman