Enlarging Enrichment: Affiliated Graduate Programs

The College has begun a program of “4+1” cooperative arrangements with top-­‐tier universities that provide students the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree with one year, or slightly more, of graduate work after obtaining a Haverford B.A. or B.S. The following accelerated programs are already available to Haverford students:

  • Bioethics: Penn
  • East Asian Studies: Zhejiang University, China
  • Engineering (encompassing such disciplines as biotechnology, bio-­‐engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, nanotechnology computer graphics and game technology, and computer and information science): Penn
  • Finance: Claremont McKenna
  • Latin American Studies: Georgetown

These 4+1 programs are all recent additions and will need continued monitoring to ensure that the College is providing effective advising and administrative oversight to support student interest. Public Health is one additional area that connects to programming highlighted in our constellations where we might pursue an arrangement of this sort.

Additionally, in cases where students have attained exceptionally advanced proficiency, we will explore arrangements with Penn and other area institutions allowing students to take graduate courses in their disciplines.