Supporting Staff and Faculty

As a labor-­intensive teaching organization, Haverford can only be as excellent as the people it employs. We operate in a highly competitive environment for attracting and retaining the very best faculty and staff. Haverford “over-­achieves,” that is, maintains with fewer resources an academic reputation that equals that of its wealthier competitors. In large part this has been accomplished by the hard work and dedication of its employees.

Ultimately, we seek to enhance the sense of community that has made Haverford an exceptional place to spend one’s working career. We will initiate a multi-­year review of how well we are meeting our objectives. This will include:

  • Orientation. Improve the processes through which new employees receive essential on-­boarding services and information about the College as employer and community.
  • •Compensation. Ensure the College is providing compensation that appropriately addresses both competitiveness and equity considerations.
  • •Benefits. Review the relative balance of salary and benefits, including retirement savings, paid leave time, and healthcare plans.
  • •Diverse community. Beginning with the deliberations of the Presidential Task Force on Diversity and Community, continue efforts to become a more diverse community of employees at all institutional levels by aggressively pursuing diverse applicant pools in our hiring processes and by fostering an inclusive work environment that allows all employees to contribute to Haverford’s success to the best of their abilities.
  • •Communication. Ensure broad and regular communication with employees to enhance coordination and collaboration.
  • •Shared Governance: strengthen partnerships among Staff Association, administrative/professional staff, faculty governance structures, and senior administration to promote engagement and participatory decision making around areas of common interest.