Bringing the Plan to Life

The realization of the Plan’s initiatives–hires, programs, facilities, etc.–will occur through the College’s established governance structures. The faculty will implement the academic program; Senior Staff and other standing committees will oversee the operationalization of administrative components; students through self-­governance will play a central role in shaping their Haverford experience. The Board will retain the fiduciary and strategic oversight delegated to them by the Corporation and will also serve as a partner to the campus in securing the necessary resources and stewarding them responsibly.

Many of the proposals in this document require additional resources. As such, this document will guide the fundraising priorities of our Institutional Advancement team, who will seek to align the philanthropic goals of our supporters with the College’s most pressing needs. The Plan will also inform our annual budgeting process, the regularized system through which we provide the means to convert ambitions into actions. Our ten-­year budget model, which undergirds the Plan’s section on Financial Sustainability, enables us to steward our resources in order to make incremental investments in our articulated priorities while maintaining fiscal equilibrium.

To help steward the implementation and assessment of this multidimensional effort, we will convene a campus oversight body as a natural successor to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. This group will be charged with serving as a resource to those groups realizing the Plan’s various objectives, assessing our progress toward our goals, and allowing for dynamism in the Plan by interpreting and adapting priorities in the face of evolving environmental contexts and resource availability.