Plan Overview

The Plan is organized around five topics:

  1. The Academic Plan articulates a set of principles around which to build out the academic program in order to provide a liberal arts education that will better position students for the 21st Century world. We reaffirm the importance of retaining and building new strengths in our disciplinary efforts and describe three interdisciplinary areas of study that are of increasing relevance and interest to faculty and students. These three “constellations” will guide our investments across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities and in the people, programs, and spaces that will bring them to life.
  2. Educating the Whole Student suggests ways to build on the resources, traditions, and values that together shape the undergraduate experience at Haverford, from athletics to the Honor Code and from the Dining Center to the deans.
  3. Expanding Learning Spaces focuses on technology, civic engagement, and ethical engagement, three areas of evolving practice at Haverford that promise to bring heightened richness, dynamism, and relevance to a Haverford education.
  4. Haverford in the World addresses the interplay between the College and the larger world, in which Haverford seeks to have an impact greater than our modest size would suggest.
  5. Institutional Stewardship demonstrates how we will support our ambitions of today while preserving our institutional strength and values for future generations.