Expanding Learning Spaces

Today’s “classroom” at Haverford has many guises. In addition to traditional venues like the seminar, library, and laboratory, teaching and learning occur on partner campuses, out in the field, embedded in communities local and overseas, and through various forms of electronic mediation. Our students increasingly seek to integrate their curricular and co-­curricular interests, and their learning is supported by peers, faculty, and staff across all sectors of the institution. In these and other ways, our ideas about what, how, when, and where learning happens are all subject to continuous rethinking and evolution.

Guided by Haverford’s abiding commitment to residential liberal arts education, we will support the work of our faculty, students, and staff as they explore alternative pedagogies, new teaching modalities, and fruitful partnerships. These evolving practices complement and enrich the traditional Haverford classroom to provide powerful new approaches to liberal education in order to prepare students for productive and principled lives.