The Plan for Haverford 2020

The Plan for 2020 website is a static archive of the College’s previous strategic plan. In December 2022, the Board of Managers approved a new strategic plan, Better Learning, Broader Impact – Haverford 2030

Since its founding in 1833, Haverford College has evolved significantly, but it retains its distinctive character as a residential learning community rooted in Quaker values and dedicated to developing in young people the highest standards of academic rigor and personal integrity. In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, this resonant mission is more relevant than ever.

  1. Introduction
    1. The Context: Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Liberal Arts College
    2. Guiding Principles
    3. Plan Overview
    4. Bringing the Plan to Life
  2. The Academic Plan
    1. The Curricular Blueprint: build assets across the disciplines with particular focus on three strengthened interdisciplinary constellations:
      1. Critical Literacies: Computational Studies, Visual Studies
      2. The Commonweal: Social Philosophy, Policy, & Public Value
      3. Area Studies in Transnational Perspective
    2. Augmenting the Constellations: Transdivisional Co-Curricular Programming
    3. Enlarging Enrichment: Affiliated Graduate Programs
    4. Implementation and Resources
      1. People: New faculty and academic staff
      2. Faculty Development: supporting teaching & scholarship
      3. Academic Spaces: Library; Visual Culture, Arts, & Media; Music; Biology & Psychology
  3. Educating the Whole Student
    1. Fostering an Engaged, Inclusive Community: supporting the ambitions of a diverse, residential community
    2. Enhancing Student Development: support functions that serve our students in new, productive ways
  4. Expanding Learning Spaces
    1. Technology & the Liberal Arts: new tools to enhance liberal education
    2. Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility: pedagogies that connect learning with external communities
    3. Ethical Education & Leadership: investing in the values-informed education at Haverford’s core
  5. Haverford in the World
    1. Admission: strengthening student recruitment
    2. Career & Professional Advising: launching students to successful lives after college
    3. Alumni: fostering engagement across the extended Haverford community
    4. Academic & Educational Leadership: contributing to the national conversation about higher education
  6. Institutional Stewardship: A College for the Future
    1. Financial Sustainability & Endowment Management: affording our aspirations within a sustainable model
    2. Access & Affordability: providing student financial aid
    3. Supporting Staff & Faculty: hiring and retaining a community of talented and committed employees
    4. Technological Infrastructure: investing in key upgrades
    5. Physical Plant: maintaining our campus and facilities
    6. Sustainability & Environment: meeting present needs without compromising those of future generations
    7. The Corporation: Drawing strength from an essential partner.
  7. Acknowledgements